foundation repair warranty in Austin, TX

Our Warranty

The Best Foundation Repair Warranties in Austin, Texas

We offer the best warranties in the business because we do the job right the first time. The call back rate on our slab foundations is less than 2% because we take the time and effort to do what is right for your home. We don’t cut corners and we stay until the job is done right.

We Stand Behind Our Work

We work hard to earn your trust, before, during and after the foundation work is complete. Our experienced technicians are carefully trained and monitored to ensure that our soil stabilization and foundation repair services stand the test of time.

If for some reason your foundation needs adjustment or soil treatment needs refreshing after work is completed, we will quickly diagnose the situation and fix the problem. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

Warranty Transfer Process & Forms

Warranty Claim Evaluation

Soil Stabilization

10-Year Transferrable Warranty

Protects Against Heave at Soil Injection Zones

Our transferrable soil stabilization warranty provides homeowners, home buyers and home sellers with the confidence of knowing that treated soil will not heave for 10 years after injection. Don’t wait for the clay soil underneath your property to damage or destroy the integrity of your foundation, driveway, parking lot, swimming pool or road. Act today to prevent foundation failure with our non-toxic, state-of-the-art soil stabilization treatment.

Residential Slab Foundation Repair

Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

Warranty Covers Work Completed

Warranty Call Back or Future Adjustments – Less than 2%

Enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime transferrable warranty for residential slab foundation repair. While you may sell your home, our warranty stays with the foundation to protect future owners. We are there for the life of your home.

Commercial Slab Foundation Repair

Warranty Covers Work Completed

Warranty Call Back or Future Adjustments – Less than 2%

We warranty the repairs on the slab foundation of your commercial building for 5 years. Selling your business or the property is hassle-free because this warranty is transferrable to the new owners.

Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

5-Year Transferrable Warranty

Warranties Vary Based Upon Work Completed

Warranty Covers Work Completed

Pier and beam foundation repairs can vary greatly per home, and because of this our warranties will vary based upon the work completed. For pier and beam concrete Sonotube installation or replacement, we guarantee our work for 5 years with a transferrable warranty.

Please refer to your client contract for warranty specifications. The warranty details specified in the contract shall supersede all other warranties expressed or implied.

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