Soil Stabilization for New Homes

Permanent | Economical | Environmentally Friendly

The best, easiest and least expensive way to mitigate foundation and concrete movement problems due to clay soil prior to construction.

residential home stabilization
residential house stabilization

Solve Problem Soil Before Construction Starts!

In the Austin area, the root cause of most foundation problems is the clay soil that homes and businesses are built upon. Clay soil swells when it gets wet and shrinks when it gets dry, causing seasonal movement underneath foundations, eventually leading to costly repairs. The best time to protect your home from swelling clay soil is before the foundation is poured.

If your chosen build site has clay soil, Douglas Foundation Solutions can help. For large housing developments, we can treat the entire construction area with solution to reduce the shrink/swell cycle in the soil, then till the solution into the ground to ensure even coverage. For individual home sites, our trained team will come to the site to examine the building location. Using 8-foot injection rods, we will apply AGSS-ICS ionic stabilizer at precise points underneath where the structures will be built. This solution changes the behavior of clay soil to break the shrink/swell cycle and provides your contractor with a stable base upon which to build your new home, addition, pool or driveway.

residential house stabilization

AGSS-ICS Soil Stabilization Provides Long-Lasting Results

Douglas Foundation Solutions uses AGSS-ICS soil stabilization solution, an industry-leading formulation that improves the soil beneath your foundation, increasing its strength while dramatically reducing swell potential. Studies have shown that ACSS-ICS reduces swelling and contraction of clay soils by as much as 88%.

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