Steel Foundation Piers

The Best Steel Pier System in the Austin Area

Douglas Foundation Solutions provides a superior steel pier system to support your home’s foundation.

THE DOUGLAS Steel Pier System

  • Strong dual wall, steel pipe pressed piers.
  • Steel piers can land on shallow or deep bedrock.
  • Concentric pier design is directly under slab beams, making the structure load directly over the pier. Our pier is not bracketed onto the side of the foundation like other foundation repair companies’ piers.
  • Best value for both residential and commercial structures when the bedrock is certain.
  • One hole is dug per individual steel pier installation.
  • Very low occurrence of warranty adjustments with proper conditions.

Down to the Bedrock

steel foundation piers Austin Texas

Douglas Foundation Solutions is proud to offer the best steel pier system in the business. Steel piers are ideal when load-bearing strata or bedrock can be easily reached. Before coming to your location, your expert evaluator will review a detailed map of your location to determine the depth of the bedrock beneath your home or business. This bedrock or load bearing strata is considered non-active and will not sink or shift as the weather and seasons change.

A Better Steel Pier Solution

At Douglas Foundation Solutions, we use a superior steel pier configuration for all of our steel pier foundation repairs. Unlike most competitive steel pier products on the market, our pier is concentric and sits in-line, centered under the load of the structure. This provides a more stable, reliable result. Many of our competitors use brackets to attach cantilevered steel piers to the side of the foundation, creating an area of high stress which may lead to future failures.

Stable, Solid Solution

Our steel pier system uses 2 7/8” diameter steel pipe sections that are pressed to 10,000 psi. We use 2 3/8” interior pipe connectors to reach the strata below. Our steel piers are placed directly beneath the beam of your home or building for optimal support.

With Douglas Foundation Solutions, you and your home or business are in good hands. Our steel piers are among the strongest in the industry and are suitable for residential, multi-family and commercial buildings. There is less than a 2% call back on jobs completed with steel piers.

Finding the Right Solution

We want you to achieve the best results at the best value, and we want to be good stewards of your investment. Although steel piers are an excellent solution, they are not always the best solution for your location. To determine if steel piers are the right choice for your home or business, we may recommend that a test pier be installed. This will help us determine if steel piers are the optimal solution for your building. If the bedrock is not easily accessible, Douglas Foundation Solutions’ exclusive Smart Pier System® may provide the same or better results at a lower cost.