New Construction Pier Installation

We install Helical piers for slab foundations and Sonotube & Helical piers for Pier and Beam foundations.

New Construction Helical Piers

Preventing a Problem Before It Occurs

We love living in Texas, but the clay soil that comes with our Texas lifestyle frequently causes issues for the foundations of our homes and businesses.

The best way to build a home in the Austin, Texas, area is to install piers during the construction phase. Helical piers install faster, and are safer and more economical than drilled builder’s piers. For new construction slab homes, Douglas Foundation Solutions uses helical piers, and for pier and beam homes we use a combination of helical piers and Sonotube, or spread footer, piers to provide support for the home above.

Why Should I Add Piers During the Construction of My New Home or Business?

There are many benefits to installing piers during the construction phase. It is much quicker and easier to install piers before construction has begun and landscaping planted, because access is completely clear. As an added benefit, there is no risk of building or landscaping damage during construction. Ensuring that the foundation is properly supported gives you peace of mind.

We will evaluate the area in which your home or business is being built and provide you with a pier recommendation based upon your location, type of foundation and budget.

Contact us today to determine the best way to integrate foundation support into your new construction plans.

I’m Ready to Protect My Foundation