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Save time and money while reducing CO2 emissions with our economical soil treatment solution.

Industrial Soil Stabilization

Proven Soil Stabilization Technology

Douglas foundations injects an advanced AGSS-ICS ionic stabilizer designed for swelling clay soils that changes the nature of the soil itself to permanently solve the problem of swelling and contracting soils by as much as 88% to protect the structures above.

Douglas Foundation Solutions can apply AGSS-ICS ionic stabilizer in the manner that best suits your project. Soil stabilization can be applied either as a spray and physical mixing of the solution into the clay soil, or as a series of carefully placed injections in the soil underneath where the structure will be built.

Soil Stabilization Texas

Cost-effective | Permanent | Eco-friendly

Benefits of AGSS-ICS:

  • Up to 5 times less expensive than export/import of select fill
  • Up to 3 times more cost-effective per cubic yard than lime treatment
  • No need to spend the time and money to haul off hundreds or thousands of loads of soil and replace with purchased fill soil
  • AGSS-ICS treated clays are irreversible and will not solution with time. In comparison, lime treatment can solution with time and require retreatment.
  • Safe for the environment
  • Low CO2 footprint when compared with alternatives

Advantages of AGSS-ICS Soil Stabilization

For more information on the benefits and applications of AGSS for commercial projects, download our presentation.

Download Commercial Soil Stabilization Presentation

AGSS-ICS Select Fill Lime Treatment
Permanent molecular treatment yes no no
Can be used on existing structures yes no no
Expense $ $$$ $$
Soil disposal site needed no yes no
Truckloads of soils or materials in/out no yes yes
Suitable fill supply needed no yes no
Causes “bathtub effect” no yes no
Causes sulphate heave no no yes
Moisture migration is reduced yes no no
Increases soil strength yes ?? yes

Eco friendly

Environmentally Friendly

  • Environmentally inert
  • No airborne toxic exposure issues for personnel
  • No dust pollution issues for public or personnel
  • No heavy metals or toxins added to the soil
  • No risk of toxins leaching into the water supply
  • Use of on-site soils eliminates transport of fills, waste and additives, greatly reducing CO2 emissions
  • No landfill space consumed for waste soils
  • Increased pavement life and reduced maintenance
  • Allows for use of “waste” soils for fill
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