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Pier & Beam Foundation Repair Austin Texas

Your Pier & Beam Foundation

If you have a home or business with a crawlspace beneath it, your building is currently supported using a pier and beam method. Basically, the wooden beams beneath your home rest directly upon concrete piers or footers pushed into the ground. These concrete piers and the beams above them bear the entire weight of the structure above.

One benefit of pier and beam foundations is the accessibility. If you have a plumbing issue or something goes wrong underneath the building, simply crawling underneath the building allows easy diagnosis and repair.

Common Pier & Beam Foundation Problems

Over time several aspects of pier and beam foundations may deteriorate to the point where they need to be repaired. Wooden beams are susceptible to deterioration or insect damage, and the continual expansion and contraction that soil experiences during periods of rain and drought continue to take their toll. You may begin to notice sloping in your home, doors that won’t shut properly or a floor that seems less stable and more “bouncy” when walked upon. These are signs that your home needs foundation repair.

Replacing the Wood Structure Beneath Your Home

As part of our crawlspace foundation repair services, Douglas Foundation Solutions can replace or add wood beams or floor joists to your existing wooden framing structure. When you’re dealing with a floor that is “bouncy” when you walk on it, the culprit is often structural wooden beams that were placed too far apart during the build. Although the placement of these beams may be up to code, the instability of the floor can be distracting and troublesome to building occupants. We frequently add additional beams under the building so that our clients can enjoy having the feeling of a solid floor beneath their feet.

Our evaluator will investigate your foundation from the crawlspace underneath your home to determine the extent of the repair needed.

Foundation Pier Replacement

sonotube pier foundation repair in Austin, TXpier and beam foundation repair in Austin, Texas

If the piers need replacement, Douglas Foundation Solutions provides you with several excellent options, including:

  • Code approved, engineered Sonotube piers
  • Sonotube piers supported by helical piers creating a deep foundation pier system
  • Helical piers that are directly attached to the wood support beams

Sonotube piers can also be referred to as spread footer piers. When we install a Sonotube pier underneath your home or business, we use a cylindrical mold with a wider base (or foot) into which we pump concrete to harden. The curing process can take three days to a week, depending on the load that the finished pier will support. After initial installation, our team will return to remove the temporary supports and complete the installation.

Helical piers can be driven deeper into the soil than Sonotube piers, and so offer additional long-term stability. These steel piers are screwed deep into the ground past the surface hydration zone and into the dense soil or rock that can support the weight of the building above without movement. For more information, see The Douglas Helical Pier System.

Protecting your crawlspace is critical to preserving your foundation. +

Douglas Foundation Solutions can install new stucco skirting to protect your crawlspace.

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