Soil Stabilization for Existing Structures

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Douglas Foundation Solutions provides advanced soil stabilization treatments to permanently change the molecular properties of the soil below your foundation to reduce the potential for swelling and provide enhanced strength.

Treat the Cause of Your Foundation Problems

Your home’s foundation isn’t the problem; it’s the clay soil beneath it that swells when it gets wet and shrinks when it gets dry that is the root cause of most foundation problems in the Austin area.

At Douglas, we use a proven soil stabilization technology to treat problem soils at the source, providing a permanent solution to the endless cycle of swelling and shrinking. We inject an AGSS-ICS ionic stabilizer deep into the soil around home foundations, driveways, walkways, patios, pools, roads and more to break the swell/shrink cycle and prevent foundation damage.

What is Soil Stabilization?

We carefully apply non-toxic liquid deep into the earth under your home’s foundation to prevent the lattice-like structure of the clay from attracting water molecules. This solution permanently changes the molecular properties of the clay soil to mitigate further foundation movement by as much as 88%. The result is a dramatic reduction in swell capacity, much higher soil strength performance at the load bearing exterior walls of your home and added stabilization to the soils under your slab from migrating to the outside soils. Perimeter soil treatment is like a curtain wall of stable soil around your foundation.

"Don’t buy or sell a home in the Austin area without soil stabilization treatment. Your foundation is too important. Protect yourself, your property, and get your home sold faster with our soil stabilization treatment.”
– Douglas Plauché, CEO/Founder.

Austin’s No-dig Foundation Solution

If you’re looking for a noninvasive solution to your foundation problems, Douglas Foundation Repair’s advanced soil stabilization treatment for clay soil is the answer. Soil stabilization treatments typically take less than a day to install and begin working immediately.

If any access holes were drilled in your driveway, we carefully fill them. Our goal is to protect your home quickly, economically, and efficiently.

Eco friendly

An Environmentally Sound Choice

  • Safe for people, pets & plants
  • Environmentally inert
  • No airborne toxic exposure issues
  • No heavy metals or toxins
  • Small carbon footprint
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10-year Foundation Warranty
with Soil Stabilization for


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Plan Ahead to Prevent Foundation Problems

Don’t wait for your foundation to develop an expensive problem. Protect your investment with a preventative ionic clay stabilizer soil treatment.

Conquer Clay Soil with Our Advanced Soil Stabilization Treatment

We love living in Austin, but our communities lie in the middle of a huge deposit of clay soil that swells when it gets wet, then shrinks when it dries. Your home’s foundation will see many thousands of these cycles over its lifetime. As the years go by, this movement of soil creates gaps beneath foundations, causing homes to sink unevenly into the earth, which can cause foundations to crack, and destroy the structural integrity of your home.

All Homes on Expansive Clay Soil in the Austin Area Should Be Treated

Our homes are our most valuable investment. If your home is located on expansive clay soil, it’s only a matter of time before your home’s foundation begins to feel the effects caused by the constant expansion and contraction of clay soil beneath it. Over time, you’ll notice sticking doors and windows, cracked drywall, uneven floors, cracked driveways, or worse.

Protect your investment and mitigate the costs and hassle of future foundation repair with a soil stabilization treatment. Douglas uses a proven AGSS-ICS soil treatment that permanently changes the molecular properties of the clay soil beneath your foundation so that it reduces the swelling and shrinking process by up to 88%.

Soil Stabilization for New Homes