Slab Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Services in Austin and Surrounding Communities

Douglas Foundation Solutions offers Austin area residents professional slab foundation repair with an exceptional transferrable lifetime warranty.

Slab Foundation Repair Austin Texas

Why Is My Foundation Sinking?

Many of our homes and commercial structures in Central Texas are built upon slabs that sit directly on the ground beneath the building. Because our soil in the Austin area is predominantly clay, the normal seasonal wet/dry cycles of rain and drought can have a massive impact on the structures above. When our clay soil becomes wet the volume increases, and when it dries out the volume shrinks. Over time, the constant expansion and contraction of the soil will move or tilt foundations and cause issues such as sloping floors, cracked walls, and doors and windows that no longer open or close properly.

A Foundation Repair That Lasts

Fortunately, Douglas Foundation Solutions offers several foundation repair options to correct these problems. Because we offer more than one type of repair option, we don’t try to make your problem fit our solution. We tailor your foundation repair to your home, area and budget.

All of our solutions involve installing piers beneath the slab to absorb the load of the building and transfer it below the structure to a point that provides strong support and is no longer influenced by the hydration level of the soil above. For clay soils, this typically means placing piers at a depth of 15-20 feet below the surface. If your soil is rocky or you are lucky enough to have bedrock underneath your building, these piers may only need to penetrate the soil to a depth of 12 feet or less.

Depending on your situation, our professional evaluators may recommend a steel, helical or Smart Pier System®.

Repair My Slab Foundation

steel pier repair Austin TX

Steel Piers

Steel piers are recommended when the bedrock or load bearing strata beneath your home is within reach. Our steel piers are installed directly beneath the beam of your home or building for optimum structural support. The Douglas Foundation Solutions steel pier system is one of the strongest on the market and can be used on commercial, multi-family and residential buildings. For more information, see The Douglas Steel Pier System.

If the bedrock is out of reach, we recommend either helical piers that are drilled down into the soil or our exclusive Smart Pier System®.

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Helical Piers

Helical piers are an optimal solution because they do not use the weight of your home or building to press piers into the ground, thus saving the structure from added stress during installation. Instead, helical piers are screwed deep into the soil into dense supportive soils below the surface hydration zone. For more information, see The Douglas Helical Pier System.

Better concrete piers

Better Concrete Piers - The Douglas Smart Pier System®

Our exclusive Douglas Smart Pier System® consists of pressed concrete piers in a unique configuration designed to provide more stability and longer lasting support. We’ve taken our vast experience in delivering quality foundation repair to provide our clients with a better concrete pier system, delivering up to 40% more support than traditional pressed concrete foundation repair methods. For more information, see The Douglas Concrete Smart Pier System®.