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best foundation repair company in Austin, TX

My house split in two about a year ago, and the front of the house began to sink and tilt over the past few months to the point the front door wouldn’t open at all, the deadbolt wouldn’t even turn, the garage door fell off the hinges at one point, the roof separated from the garage, the walls separated from each other visibly, etc. It was a real mess. Douglas Foundation Repair came to my house and installed their steel piers around the perimeter of the affected area and leveled the house. They spent two days digging and driving down steel piers with their hydraulic equipment, and on the third day the house was leveled by their engineer and crew. The actual leveling took maybe 30 minutes, the bulk of the work was the two days digging, and the cleanup on the third day. They did an outstanding job, the house is now leveled and all went as smoothly they said it would.

- Carrie

best foundation repair company in Austin, TX

Douglas came and repaired our foundation, honoring the lifetime warranty, and their crew was top notch! I am amazed that they worked so meticulously for a job that we were not paying them any money for. The crew was friendly and very respectful of our home. The interior work they did was well prepared, and they wrapped everything in plastic - even the ceiling fan - so that when they were done, we had no dust left behind. The house, deck, and yard were left in pristine shape (other than the expected drywall cracks and some cracked floor tile). They replaced the deck planks they had to cut with plywood until we can replace them, and even hosed off the deck and brushed dirt off the siding near the holes.

I'm glad we bought a house with a foundation warranty with Douglas. If I had to pay for a whole foundation repair myself, it would definitely be with these guys. There are more details in my previous review - I'm very pleased with how pleasant they were to deal with during what is a pretty stressful experience.

- Romy G., via Yelp

honest foundation repair company in Austin, TX

Thank you for scheduling, Emma. Your professional and diligent response is greatly appreciated! Thomas, as usual, thank you so much for the continuous monitoring of my home. Your expertise, honesty and outmost INTEGRITY are recognized and valued. You give Douglas Foundation Repair an excellent representation. They should be so proud.

Based on my experience, my neighbors and I know for a fact, DOUGLAS FOUNDATION will be the selected entity should we have an irrevocable need for foundation repair. Your work does not go unnoticed and your time is appreciated.

Best Regards,

best foundation repair company in Austin, TX

I inquired with three different foundation repair companies initially, Level Best, Superior Foundation, and Douglas Foundation Repair. Level Best was not very responsive in getting back to me, Superior was very good and professional but not nearly as responsive as Douglas Foundation Repair. I was impressed with these guys from the moment the owner came to my house to check things out himself, take the measurements, draw up an estimate on the spot, and subsequently indulged my questions for the next hour and a half or so. As an engineer, I was particularly interested in the technical aspects of the proposal, in contrast to that proposed by Superior. Though both companies offered sound solutions, in my personal view, I was most impressed with the owner’s willingness to be straight forward about all technical details, giving me clear explanations every step of the way, and ultimately coming up with a fair estimate. The staff at DFR was always responsive, both via e-mail and via phone, whenever I required additional details, corrections, or answers to other questions. The crew showed up on time, ever morning, as promised (which is a rare commodity these days), punctuality! If these guys had doctoral degrees they’d be brain surgeons, meticulous and precise. This was a precision job every step of the way. They went out of their way to protect my landscape, and minimize disruptions, restored everything to its original state when done, cleaned up amazingly well, and put the house back in order. The crew on site was always exceedingly friendly and professional. All doors open well now, all cracks sealed to my satisfaction, etc. All in all, I can’t recommend these guys enough. In all fairness, their estimate was higher than Superior Foundation Repair, but I was willing to pay the extra money because the technical proposal was, in my view, more sound and because they were not shy or afraid to get into as much technical detail with me as I wanted them to. From the owner, to the staff, the crew, and the engineers, these guys deserve the A++ rating. I would recommend these folks any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

- Belinda M

recommended foundation repair company in Austin

I have been researching the mudjacking process for many months and found different forms of mudjacking. So I searched Home Advisor’s app for potential contractors to help me with my project. I was not successful in finding contractors here in Austin, Texas. I ended up searching the Internet and found a company, CRC. I left a message to request an estimate, which I received a response, two weeks later. Then I researched further to look for another company and found Douglas Foundation(about $1, 000 cheaper than CRC). I am so ecstatic about how wonderful my project turned out. I received prompt communication, quick estimate quote and a start time conducive to my schedule. The day of my project, we had to reschedule due to weather, but my project manager was professional and thorough. On Monday, November, 24th, my project was completed. I had professional workers at my home (when they said they would arrive), the lead worker explained what he was going to do (fill the voids in my garage floor, approach and raise my front sidewalk). The lead worker what was going to happen when they raised my front sidewalk. Douglas foundation you ROCK!!!

- Robin via Kudzu

recommended foundation repair company in Austin, TX

Chris was great! On time, called ahead, informative, and clearly honest. After assessing the condition of my current foundation and hearing my questions and concerns, it turned out I didn’t really need a full, or even partial repair. As it turned out I just need some better water diversion, away from the house, in a particular place. Anyway, it was a pleasure to deal with someone who was honest and wasn’t just trying to sell me something. Hat’s off! If you need foundation work I’d definitely start off talking to these guys!

- Robert H.

honest foundation repair contractor in Austin, TX

I have a 10’x12’x18″ patio that has settled over the years. It’s a huge slab of concrete. I called two companies for estimates to level the patio: company A and Douglas Foundation Repair. Over the phone, the rep for company A confidentially tells me he has repaired concrete for 20+ years, so he does not need to see the patio firsthand. His “proven” solution was to encase the patio in a concrete cap/shell to offset the pitch at a cost of $4K. Next, I called Douglas Foundation Repair. The receptionist was extremely friendly. She scheduled an estimate for me with Douglas, the owner. On the day of the estimate, Douglas called before arriving. After assessing the situation, he recommended against the repair. He said the job would start at $1,200 and potentially balloon to $2,400, with no guarantee of success. He suggested revisiting the issue in the future, if and when I want to cover/enclose the patio, and building a wood deck over the patio instead of raising it. Music to my ears…and pockets. He diagnosed the cause of the problem as poor drainage and told me to inspect the flow of water from the gutter downspout during the next rain storm. On top of everything, did I mention Douglas is about as Austin as it gets? The guy is cool as a fan. I hope never to need a foundation repair company in the future, but if the day comes, my first call will be to Douglas Foundation Repair.

- Daniel L. via Yelp

best foundation repair contractor in Austin, TX

They were very conscientious about all of the measurements and things they had to do beforehand to be able to give me an accurate quote. They were very good about doing all the things they promised. They were professional. They started as soon as they got here and they worked diligently the whole time they were here. I was very pleased with how they approached the work and how they did it and how they cleaned up. I would absolutely use them again!

- Debbie P

honest foundation repair contractor in Austin, TX

House was showing signs of being out of level (door frame and dry wall). After reading these positive reviews, I called Douglass Foundation Repair and scheduled a visit. The person who showed up was professional and honest (RG). He explained that while the house was slightly out of level, all of the piers and beams were in good shape. He gave me an estimate to re-level, but there was no pressure to do the work. In fact, he suggested that it could really be done anytime now or years from now. Really liked my experience. I would trust these guys.

- Austin, G. – via Yelp

Professional foundation repair in Austin

Not only is Douglas really friendly and honest his crew is top notch. No slackers here. Excellent service before during and after. Best experience with a contractor ever!

- Kirk B. – via Yelp

Most trusted foundation repair company in Texas

I can’t say or write enough good things about Douglas Foundation Repair!!! Everyone at the company was involved in my foundation leveling and everyone was professional and knowledgeable. Rick, Douglas, Katherine and John and his crew have worked with me for at least 3 months on my foundation. We hit some snags due to weather, but everyone provided amazing customer service, answered all my questions, went above and beyond to help me out and have continued to stay in contact with me weeks after the job was completed, just to be sure I don’t need anything else and to make sure I am satisfied! I have already recommended Douglas Foundation Repair to many people and I know that with the level of customer service, the dedication the company shows to the job, their professionalism, thoroughness and their amazing price, (not to mention the transferable lifetime guarantee) everyone I recommended the company to will choose Douglas Foundation repair over any other company in Austin! My experience with Douglas Foundation Repair deserves 10 stars!!!!!

- Jessica – via Google

dependable foundation repair in Austin, TX

Douglas is one of the most customer service oriented contractors I have ever met. If the customer ain’t happy, he ain’t happy. I recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality, service oriented foundation repair company!

- Jason – via Google

Most trusted foundation repair company in Austin, TX

My foundation was leveled last week. After years of dealing with cracked tile, nail pops, sticky doors, etc. I decided to get the foundation repaired. Douglas Foundation Repair did an awesome job. Douglas took the time to explain the issues and even came out twice to double-check the elevations prior to providing a proposal. The crewmen were very polite and worked hard to meet the schedule after missing one day due to rain. DFR also upgraded some of my piers from concrete to steel at no extra charge due to soil conditions. This is an example of a contractor who knows when to do the right thing. Upgrading to steel piers midstream minimizes future warranty work and results in me being a happier customer. This will go a long way in the event I ever have to sell the house. The yard around the perimeter of the house looks great, and it would be difficult to notice any work was done. I also utilized Uretek USA to inject foam in the voids left under the foundation after the lift. Thank you Douglas for the fine work and please extend my thanks to your crew.

- Sam – via Google

Austin, TX best foundation repair company

Wow, what great customer service! Thank you so much for taking the time to review the report and for providing your recommendations. I will certainly keep your company in mind if I or any friends need some foundation repairs! I will also pass on these sentiments to my realtor, Jodi Adams with Century 21 Randall Morris.

- Shea – via email