Soil Stabilization for Existing Structures

Austin’s Best Clay Soil Treatment Injection Service

Douglas Foundation Solutions provides advanced soil stabilization treatments to permanently change the properties of the soil underneath your foundation to reduce potential for swelling, provide enhanced strength, and reduce moisture transfer.

Soil Stabilization in Austin Texas

Conquer Clay Soil with Our Advanced Soil Treatment

We love living in Austin, but our communities lie in the middle of a huge deposit of clay soil that expands when it gets wet, then contracts in our hot, dry summers. Your home’s foundation will see many thousands of these cycles over its lifetime. As the years go by, this movement of soil creates gaps beneath foundations, causing homes to sink unevenly into the earth, foundations to crack, and destroying the structural integrity of your home.

If you have noticed sticking doors, breaking windows, cracked drywall or uneven floors, your home’s foundation is beginning to feel and show the effects caused by the constant expansion and contraction of clay soil beneath it.

Driveway soil stabilization in Austin Texas

Austin’s No-dig Foundation Solution

If you’re looking for a noninvasive solution to your foundation problems, Douglas Foundation Repair’s advanced soil stabilization treatment for clay soil is the answer. Our foundation expert will come to your home at no charge to carefully inspect your property to determine your current foundation situation. If your home is a good candidate for soil injection treatment, we will schedule a time to return to provide the stabilization service.

Soil stabilization treatments typically take less than a day to install, and are effective immediately. The treatment strengthens the soil and normalizes the moisture content immediately underneath your home’s foundation, in the active zone. This forms a barrier of protection preventing moisture transfer in and out of the area directly underneath your home, so under most circumstances there is no need access the interior of your home to get to the center of the foundation.

Our trained team of foundation experts use a tall, 8-foot injection device that we gently press into the earth at an angle around your home’s foundation. We carefully apply measured doses at various levels for full coverage. To ensure we get complete saturation of the soil, we apply the soil stabilization product in two concentric rings around the foundation of your home, sidewalks and driveways. Each injection point is precisely monitored to ensure the proper dosage of material and provide maximum effectiveness.

After the work is complete, we meticulously clean the area to remove all traces of our presence. If any access holes were drilled in your driveway, we carefully fill them. Our goal is to protect your home quickly, economically, and efficiently so that you will never have to worry about your foundation again.

An Environmentally Sound Choice

Non-toxic to Pets, Plants and People

Our soil stabilization product is environmentally inert, non-toxic and is free of heavy metals, so you don’t have to worry about it leaching into your home’s water supply. You can rest easy knowing that your family, pets and plants will remain healthy.