Foundation Repair for Home Sellers

Repairing your home before a sale: what you need to know

Repairing the foundation of your home or business before a sale can be a quick and simple process. Eliminate the guesswork and costly repair negotiation with the buyer by repairing your foundation before placing your home or business on the market.

Home Seller Foundation Austin Texas

You are not alone.

It’s the sad truth that many homes in Central Texas are in the process of shifting over time. This is due to the nature of the clay soil that predominates in this region. Clay soil expands when it is wet and contracts when it is dry. Over time, through the cycles of rain and drought, this causes movement in the soil beneath your home, which can result in stress and shifts in your foundation. More than 40% of the homes around Austin, Texas have an issue with their foundation.

At Douglas Foundation Solutions, we understand that correcting a foundation issue is not fun for most people. However, by becoming informed and taking the right approach you can quickly get your home in a sale-able condition and move on with your life.

When selling your home, it is important to identify the key drivers that will make the sale of your home successful.

If your home has, or you suspect it has, foundation problems, the best approach is to learn as much about the problem and its solutions as possible. We invite you to review the collection of common questions and answers that we have heard from home buyers in the Austin area.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Correcting foundation problems before placing the house on the market broadens your potential buyer pool and helps you sell your home at the highest price.
  • Have your home’s foundation evaluated by a professional engineer before you put your home on the market.
  • If a problem is found, have Douglas Foundation Solutions fix your foundation. We will provide an engineer’s letter to give to potential buyers. All of our slab foundation repairs have a transferrable lifetime warranty.

Get a Free Evaluation

Have Douglas Foundation Solutions do an evaluation and provide repairs if needed. All of our foundation solutions for slab homes will provide the buyer with a transferrable lifetime warranty on the foundation. All of our solutions will provide the buyer with an engineer’s letter to take to their lender.

Hire a Professional Engineer (PE) to evaluate your slab’s performance. They will write a report stating that the home’s foundation is performing as it should. Only a professional engineer can legally do this. This stamped letter can be used to satisfy buyers and lenders that the foundation is properly working. Give this information to all of your prospects.

Douglas Foundation Solutions can do the repair prior to closing and have the payment for the repair made from the escrow account. As an alternative, the buyer can contract with us and do the work after the close of escrow.

This can be true for some buyers, but having the repairs done by Douglas Foundation Solutions can actually can increase the buyer pool. Foundation repair is incredibly common in the Austin area, so finding a home without an existing problem or a previous repair may be a challenge. Smart buyers and agents know that if they buy a home fixed by Douglas Foundation Solutions, the foundation is stronger and has the benefit of a lifetime warranty for slab foundations.

Buyers and their agents are always trying to reduce the cost of the home purchase price and maximize their investment. Foundation repair is extremely common in Texas. Over 40% of the homes around Austin have foundation problems. It is very likely that your buyer will be informed enough to require a foundation inspection. Count on sophisticated buyers to check the foundation and attempt to reduce the purchase price with exaggerated repair plans from foundation repair contractors designed to reduce your sale price.

If you hire a professional engineer to develop a plan of repair for your foundation, you can request bids from multiple foundation repair companies and compare quotes based on one plan instead of multiple opinions by each foundation repair company. You must ask for a plan of repair!

Unless the buyer has an engineered repair plan, the quotes are not valid and do not have to be honored.