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November 02, 2021

Will Homeowners Insurance Help with Foundation Repairs?

Because the cost of repair can be so high, many homeowners are concerned with whether or not their homeowners insurance will pay for foundation problems. Luckily, most homeowners insurance policies do cover foundation repairs – but only for certain circumstances. We’ll give a quick review of what you can count on insurance to pay for, and what may send you reaching for your own wallet.

When Insurance Covers Foundation Damage

insurance pays for foundation problems

Every policy is different. What some companies cover, others will not. However, there is a general trend in what insurers will accept responsibility for, and what they won’t.

The standard is that insurance will pay for foundation damage caused by accidents and unforeseen events. It won’t cover damage that’s the result of inevitable wear and tear. For example, both Allstate and Farmers both declare that they do not cover foundation problems that would normally occur over time. This includes settling, cracks, and water seepage. Insurers see such problems as the homeowner’s responsibility, and just a part of typical home maintenance.

Natural Disasters

insurance pays for some natural disasters

While insurers will often cover foundation issues caused by natural disasters, the specific cause matters here too.

Events like fallen trees can be covered if the fall occurs due to a storm. But tree falls attributed to a lack of care and maintenance can be ruled out under negligence. The same determination is made when tree roots dislodge the foundation, as the matter should have been preventable with maintenance.

Lightning, fires, volcanic eruptions, and collapses due to snow or ice buildup are all usually claimable, but earthquakes and floods are not given the same treatment. These events are rarely covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy because of their innate risk (depending on location).

If you feel like you need coverage for these types of disasters, you’ll have to purchase it as a separate, specialized policy. Fortunately, the Austin area has a very low risk of earthquakes. Flooding, on the other hand, presents a higher risk. During hurricane Harvey, for example, thousands of homes were impacted by flooding, particularly those nestled along the banks of the Colorado river and its offshoots.


Homeowners insurance will frequently cover foundation repairs necessitated by random accidents. These situations can be diverse, including everything from a car or airplane crashing into your home, to boiler/gas tank explosions, water damage due to faulty plumbing, or even vandalism.

Filing Your Claim

If you think there’s a good chance your foundation repairs can be covered by your insurance company, then you’ll need to make a claim. You can give yourself the best chance of approval by ensuring that you provide your insurer with thorough documentation that proves your foundation damage was caused by an approved event. 

insurance pays for some natural disasters

The best way to provide compelling proof and documentation is to get a foundation inspection from an expert foundation contractor. They will be able to officially pinpoint the cause of the foundation issues in a professional statement, and help to properly describe the extent and nature of the damage. 

Keep in mind that your insurer may have a list of approved contractors. If you choose one of these contractors to perform your foundation repair, you could receive a special warranty or other benefit from your insurance company. 

Whether they’re on the insurer’s list or not, it’s best to choose the contractor that is capable of doing the highest quality work. You are not bound to use only the contractors on the company’s list, and in some cases, outside contractors can provide even better warranties and protections.

Here at Douglas Foundation Repairs, we’ve been helping Austin residents repair their foundations with exceptionally low warranty call-back rates. Our work is trusted among homeowners for its lasting strength and dependability. 

If you’re in need of a foundation fix and want the help of a knowledgeable team, Douglas will help you make sure the work is done right. We’ll do everything we can to smoothly collaborate with your insurer and get your home back in shape. Contact us today for a professional evaluation.

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