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August 26, 2021

How a Foundation Inspection is Conducted

Whether you’re buying a house or want a checkup on your current home, getting a foundation inspection is a must if you want a real picture of the building’s condition. A professional evaluation can reveal issues that threaten structural integrity and may cause further damages if left untreated.

But what exactly goes into a foundation inspection? How can the experts tell what’s wrong with a foundation when it’s not even fully visible? We’ll go over the basics of how a foundation inspection is conducted and shine some light on the methods we use to reliably identify foundation problems.

Pre-Inspection Interview

In order to get a better idea of where they need to direct their attention, a foundation inspector will typically try to collect some background information from the homeowner before actually conducting their inspection.

They’ll investigate why foundation problems are suspected by asking about any signs observed over time. You’ll be able to report any red flags you’ve noticed, such as wall cracks or sagging spots in the floor.

Interior Inspection

Inspecting your foundation will require a walkthrough of the entire home interior, checking each room for any signs of foundation failure. Your inspector will usually take several types of measurements during this phase, in order to compare and see whether or not some parts of your house are misaligned with the rest.

This will include measuring the elevations of flooring in every room, and even different points in the room. The inspector will also check if walls, doors, trim, and other architectural elements are plumb and level. Doors and windows will be tested to see if they get stuck during the opening and closing process. If your interior has any support beams or other load-bearing structures present, those will be assessed for any excess strain and buckling.

Additionally, interior inspections include searching for mold, water damage, wall cracks, and creaky floorboards. Any visual indicators that your foundation is creating imbalances will be recorded.

Heading down to the basement or crawl space (if there is one) will be yet another item on the inspection checklist. Your inspector will check for any excess moisture and other observable signs that this area is compromised.

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Exterior Inspection

Once the interior has been thoroughly evaluated, the inspector will need to move their assessment to the home’s exterior. Again, the inspector will look for obvious signs of foundation damage, such as cracks, sunken portions, or even upheavals (where the foundation and supported walls are lifted upward).

Inspecting the lot’s grading and other terrain features will help your expert determine if water runoff and pooling may be causing problems with your foundation. Uncontrolled gutter drainage can contribute to these issues as well, so these points should also be checked at this stage.

It’s possible for trees and dense vegetation to invade foundation structures with their root systems. Inspectors will make note of any trees and shrubs that may be at risk of damaging the foundation, and look for any indications that their roots have indeed penetrated the slab.

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Conclusion and Report

Wrapping up the assessment, the inspector will typically give you a basic rundown of their findings. But it’s in the official report that you’ll get a full detailing of the issues present, and a professional opinion on what will need to be done to repair your foundation.

The solutions presented will be the best possible options given the condition of your foundation, the surrounding terrain, and any project limitations you may have communicated to the inspector beforehand (such as budget).

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With our help, you’ll be able to establish the best strategy for restoring your foundation and ensuring that your home stands strong for years to come.

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