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May 25, 2021

5 Reasons Not To Put Off Foundation Repairs

Waiting to fix your foundation?

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Fix Your Foundation - Consult a Foundation Expert ASAP if You Want to Avoid these Issues

You can think of foundation troubles as the start of a domino effect. Once they appear, you can count on more and more problems popping up throughout the rest of your home - that is, if you don’t tend to the issue as soon as possible.

It’s understandable why many homeowners want to put off the cost and hassle of fixing their foundation, but it almost always causes more headaches down the road. If you know your home’s foundation is starting to fail, it’s important to understand just how bad the consequences of procrastination can be. Let’s walk through some of the most common issues we’ve seen arise from postponed foundation repair.

Walls, Floors, and Other Structural Features Become Vulnerable

The changing levels that result from a compromised foundation put a great deal of stress on your home’s structure. Resting on uneven footing can cause the entire construction to bend and stretch, resulting in some serious damage.

Walls may begin to crack as they’re pulled in different directions, and floors can start to sag as support from below gives way. Columns and beams can also buckle and lean. All of these effects can create quite hazardous conditions that only worsen as time goes on.

Waiting to fix your foundation?

Plumbing Disasters Await

Made of metal or PVC piping, your home’s plumbing systems aren’t very flexible. They’re built to match the leveling of your home at the time of installation. If that leveling changes in any spot, pipes may start to bend. Leaks and pipe bursts become more and more likely as the uneveness grows.

Anyone who has experienced a bad leak in their plumbing knows that it’s a major problem. With water flowing uncontrolled, you can easily wind up with extensive water damage that requires replacement of flooring, drywall, electrical infrastructure, and more.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that this can go undetected for quite some time if the leak or burst is concealed within a wall. This not only worsens the structural damage caused by water, but also introduces a health hazard in the form of mold growth.

Waiting to fix your foundation?

Your Home (Literally) Opens to Pests

Once you have cracks in your walls and gaps in your flooring layers, there’s plenty of opportunity for pests to invade. Seeking quality shelter and sometimes even food, pests like mice, rats, spiders, termites, and other insects will happily accept the invitation to enter through your home’s new openings.

Even if you don’t mind the critters themselves, they can still cause major problems. Rodents, cockroaches, and other types of vermin can create highly unsanitary conditions in your home. Many can even cause their own structural damage through chewing, nesting, or urination. Recruiting the help of an exterminator won’t be effective for long, since it will always be possible for new pests to move in. The only way to break the cycle will be to repair your foundation and all of the resulting deterioration.

Waiting to fix your foundation?

Energy Bills Skyrocket

When your home’s envelope (the seal between the exterior and interior) is compromised, it doesn’t just create an open route for pests. It also opens up the flow of air, both inward and outward.

This can become seriously expensive if you live in a climate that requires frequent heating or cooling in your home. All of the nice air you paid so much to get to the right temperature just escapes through your home’s cracks and gaps, while the air from outside comes breezing on in. You’ll have to run your utilities overtime in order to achieve a normal level of comfort.

Waiting to fix your foundation?

Resale Becomes a Battle

With all of this hassle created by a crumbling foundation, no one can be blamed for not wanting to buy an afflicted home. Trying to sell your house while it has foundation problems is going to make the process a major challenge.

Most buyers are going to turn around and look elsewhere, seeking an abode that won’t require significant investments in repairs. You’ll have to hope for a buyer that not only has a budget big enough to accommodate fixes on top of the sale price, but also likes your home enough to find it worth all of the trouble.

Waiting to fix your foundation?

Avoid it All with an Expert Foundation Repair Contractor

If you don’t get your foundation problems resolved soon, you’re signing yourself up for a myriad of extra repairs and costs. The problems may even compound so badly that you need to temporarily leave your home until they’re fixed.

The wisest move is to get an expert solution before the damage grows. Douglas Foundation Solutions has become a top choice among Austin homeowners for our skill, knowledgeability, and quick service.

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Waiting to fix your foundation?