Foundation Repair Information for Realtors

How to help buyers & sellers understand foundation repair issues

The most obvious time to repair a foundation is during the buying and selling process. Douglas Foundation Solutions is happy to help realtors with foundation repair quotes when a house needs foundation repair. Douglas Foundation Solutions offers free repair quotes to realtors. We do not provide property evaluations, only a professional engineer can tell you if the house is performing as it should and they will provide you with a report. We sell and install foundation piers for buyers and sellers every day. If you know the house needs foundation work, give us a call.

Foundation Issues Shouldn’t Prevent a Sale

Buying or selling a home is an inherently stressful experience. We understand that when you discover that a foundation has issues, this stress is multiplied. At Douglas Foundation Solutions, we believe that educating homeowners and realtors about foundation issues and giving clear repair options will help alleviate this stress so you can move on with your life.

Professional Engineers

Our primary recommendation for both buyers and sellers is to get an unbiased professional engineer to evaluate the condition of the foundation and to ask for a plan of repair if needed. If the buyer or seller starts by calling multiple repair companies for estimates, this confuses the process because you will get quotes based on opinions not the number of piers.

Comparing differing opinion makes the process confusing. Once the structural engineer provides a plan of repair, you can give it to each of the foundation repair companies who will be bidding on the same number of piers. This gives you a clear and easy way to pick which one is higher and which is lower, but always consider the reputation and experience of the foundation repair firm.

Knowledge Helps the Buyers and Sellers Feel Good About the Transaction

The key for both buyers and sellers is to move from a position of fear to a position of confidence. Foundation repair should not be a mystery. We’ve provided helpful information below to help inform your buyers and sellers about recommended practices and what they can expect during the buying and selling process.

We encourage buyers to review our Foundation Repair for Home Buyers page, which will answer many of the common questions we are asked during the home buying process.

Similarly, home sellers will find our Foundation Repair for Home Sellers page to be a valuable resource before and during the sale process.

Please feel free to share these resources with your clients, or with other realtors. By providing more information about the nature and prevalence of foundation issues in our area, we can help to eliminate some of the fear and anxiety that goes hand-in-hand with the purchase of a new home.

Home buyers who are not familiar with foundation issues:

May receive a report from a home inspector that indicates the potential for foundation issues. Not knowing what to do, they call multiple foundation repair companies for “free” quotes that create confusion.
Solution: Hire a professional engineer to provide an unbiased evaluation of the foundation’s performance and ask him to create a plan of repair if work is needed. This plan of repair can then be circulated to several foundation repair companies to receive quotes based on a specific number of piers.

May use various contractor quotes to negotiate a lower price with the seller, despite having little or no intention of repairing the foundation. This leaves the buyer with a broken home, and the positive equity on the future sale of this home suffers. If the buyer eventually decides to repair the foundation, the rising costs of materials mean that they will pay more in the future.
Solution: Don’t put off foundation repairs. The easiest and cheapest time to repair a foundation is before the new family moves in.

May complicate and confuse the buying transaction.
Solution: A professional structural engineer can provide a clear, unbiased evaluation of the foundation’s performance as well as develop a plan of repair if it is needed. This greatly simplifies the transaction because either the foundation is found to be sound, or the repairs are specified so that several foundation repair firms can provide bids on exactly the same repair.

Home sellers who are not familiar with foundation issues:

Remain in denial about their foundation’s condition. This creates fear and doubt and undermines their negotiating power.
Solution: Hire a professional engineer to determine exactly what, if any, foundation issues are present. Once a professional engineer has examined your foundation, there is no doubt regarding your foundation’s performance or recommended repairs.

Will most likely be manipulated by a buyer or agent who inflates the cost of foundation repair in order to reduce the selling price of the home.
Solution: Get a professional engineer to determine the extent of the damage and recommend a repair plan. This plan can then be shopped to several foundation repair companies to compare pricing. It may be more advantageous for the homebuyer to complete the repairs before the sale.

May have their home on the market much longer (or may not be able to sell their home at all) because potential buyers are afraid of the costs and hassle of repair.
Solution: Take the uncertainty out of the equation by hiring a professional engineer to evaluate your foundation and suggest a repair plan. A home that has a repaired slab foundation from Douglas Foundation Solutions is provided with a transferrable lifetime warranty on the work completed, making it much more attractive to home buyers.

MCE Classes for Realtors

Douglas Foundation Solutions is pleased to provide realtors with a valuable, in-depth look at foundation issues and their impact on home sales in our TREC-approved Mandatory Continuing Education course titled “Why Houses Move.”

During this course, we delve into areas of particular interest to realtors and their clients, including:

  • Foundation issues
  • Soil issues
  • Signs of foundation movement
  • Foundation maintenance

We have been honored to present this course to many of Austin’s finest real estate firms, including Turnquist Partners, Keller Williams, Zip Realty and Century 21 San Marcos.

During this course, we will provide you with the insights we have gained from years of correcting thousands of foundation problems in and around the Austin area. We have worked with realtors, home buyers, home sellers, home owners and home builders and have a unique perspective on how foundation repair impacts the sale-ability of homes in our area.

Home sellers and home buyers have different agendas, but it is possible to bridge the gap and provide both sides with the information they need to make informed decisions. Our goal is to help you make sales!