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Can My Concrete Slab Be Fixed?

We take the guesswork out of the equation. Douglas Foundation Solutions is pleased to offer a free examination and estimate for your sloping slab. Instead of experiencing the expense, waste and hassle of removing and replacing your concrete slab, give us a call to determine if we can assist you in correcting the problem. Concrete raising is a quick, safe and inexpensive fix that can potentially save you 70% of the cost of replacement.

Raising the Bar

Douglas Foundation Solutions is pleased to offer professional concrete lifting services, often referred to as slabjacking or mudjacking. Over time, concrete slabs can settle, creating cracks or uneven surfaces. Not only is uneven concrete unsightly and irritating, it can also create a trip hazard.

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How We Raise Concrete Slabs

The process of mudjacking is simple and effective. First, we drill holes through the slab in strategic locations to access the ground below the slab. Then, we pump a thin mixture of sand and cement underneath the slab. As more of the material gets pumped below the slab, the slab itself begins to float and rise. We carefully monitor the progress of the slab; once the slab has been raised to an appropriate level we stop the process and fill the access hole, matching the surface as closely as possible.

Most concrete leveling projects take one day or less, and the surface can be walked upon within 30 minutes of project completion. However, we do not recommend parking on a raised concrete surface for 2-4 days to allow the material below the slab to cure.

We treat your property with care and provide you with professional, punctual service.

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Tennis Court and Basketball Court Leveling Services

Outdoor basketball and tennis courts are venues for fun and healthy outdoor activity and add value to your property. However, the maintenance of these courts can be a challenge in the Austin, Texas, area, where we have expansive clay soil. When wet, this soil swells in volume, and when dry, it dramatically shrinks back. Over many wet/dry cycles, portions of the athletic court’s concrete base can sink, causing the surface to become unlevel. Demolition and replacement costs are expensive, but there is another option.

If your court has "settled" and the surface is no longer level, there are solutions for cost effective repair! Douglas Foundation Solutions can repair many concrete sports courts with uneven surface problems using our expert mudjacking services. 

Our mudjacking services are a specialized procedure for repairing tip hazards and unlevel concrete surfaces. Using the latest mudjacking equipment and highly trained technicians, we drill holes through the slab and inject a thin mixture of cement and sand beneath the surface to raise the slab at critical locations. Douglas uses a very precise leveling process and tolerances of 1/32nd of an inch can be attainable. The end result is a safe, flat tennis or basketball court that is repaired and ready for use at a fraction of the cost it would take to replace the surface with a new concrete slab.

However, mudjacking is not always the best solution for some concrete sports court problems, especially if the slab is experiencing drainage issues that are actively causing material under the court to be washed away. The Douglas team is trained to identify the underlying problems that are causing the slab to sink, and are happy to recommend a solution.

The experts at Douglas Foundation Solutions will provide you with the guidance and the assistance you need to understand what is happening to your athletic court’s concrete base, and how best to correct the problem.

To see our Douglas Foundation Solutions team in action, we invite you to watch these videos as we:

Slabjack a driveway
Raise a staircase
Lift a tennis court