When is the best time to repair your foundation?

September 4, 2015

We’re asked on a regular basis when the “best” time is to repair your foundation. If you ask this question to 3 different foundation repair company’s, you’re likely to hear 3 different, confusing answers.

The commissioned sales person will say “hurry, today, because our prices will be going up”. The uninformed foundation repair company will tell you the same thing.

At Douglas Foundation Solutions, our answer is one of the more complex answers you’ll get. First, what’s your exit strategy? Are you preparing your home for sale? Are you preparing for a remodel? You see, foundation repair is not something that people dream about doing like they do for a kitchen remodel or installing a pool. Foundation repair is usually the last thing anyone wants to do. If you’re noticing damage to your home that continues to worsen thanks to our dry soil, or the dry soil and sinking home you own now has broken plumbing due to the changes and movement, then the time to repair the foundation is now. But be aware that after the foundation is fixed, you’re going to need to address the root cause–especially if its a plumbing leak.

We’re here to design a plan that answers these and other questions. We’re here to assess problems with drainage, slope, soil hydration, foundation settlement, subsidence, or heave, and create a plan that fits both your budget AND your strategy. And yes, often times we propose solutions that don’t warrant foundation repair when possible.

When you truly want an accurate snapshot of what’s happening with your home, you NEED to make Douglas Foundation Solutions your FIRST call. Here’s the number: 512-291-0709.