That’s a LOT of water!

April 12, 2015

Have you watched the weather reports recently here in Austin? How long has it been since the weathermen have talked about a surplus of moisture? Aside from the highland lakes still being at record lows, the ground overall is the most evenly saturated we’ve seen in years. This can be a good thing..and a bad thing. Remember those cracks you had in your dry wall last summer? Did they go away? If they did, that means your house had moved back to a closer to “normal” position. Now would be the ideal time to shore things up and get your foundation supported. Weather changes and our summer heat are not far away–once the ground begins to dry out, chances are those cracks will be back…in different places than they were before!

Here’s more evidence of how much moisture we’ve been seeing.

foundation problems in Texas

Here’s a look under a pier and bam home here in Austin. Just look at all of that moisture! Standing water beneath your pier and beam can cause many problems. This water wasn’t just from rain, though. There was also a plumbing leak. These leaks can add additional problems, especially if the leak is found in the outbound waste water line.

If you’re noticing problems like this beneath your home, call us today so we can help you solve these issues!