Better than “Good, Better, and Best” Foundation Repair Options

January 26, 2015

At Douglas Foundation Repair, our foundation evaluators aren’t there for the paycheck. They aren’t there to sell you something you don’t need. They are there to help discover the cause of problems at your home or business. Take for instance our foundation repair methods. We aren’t the guys that have “3 solutions for you–good, better, and best”. That would be assuming that just any pier will do based on the solution needed. We offer 3 types of foundation repair options, and they each have specific names and purposes.

foundation repair options Texas

STEEL PIERS are used for homes built on bedrock. You would never select steel piers if your house is built on clay that has no bedrock. The steel pipe used in this type of foundation repair would never actually come to rest on anything solid. Eventually, your steel pipe in this instance would become a noodle–and we’ve repaired dozens of homes where a “salesman” sold the homeowner steel piers when steel should never have been the option. Oh., and we don’t clamp ours onto the side of your home. Our piers go beneath the home, where they actually hold your home in place.

foundation repair techniques Texas

CONCRETE “SMART PIERS” are used for homes that require piers that push to “resistance”. In other words, the deeper we hydraulically “push” the concrete segments into the ground, the more resistance and “friction” is caused, eventually stopping…and supporting the home above. Douglas Foundation Repair uses the “SMART PIER(TM)” System to deliver more surface support with less invasiveness to your home by pushing separate piers and supporting the subsurface beam. Again, our piers go beneath the beam, holding your home in place.

HELICAL PIERS are our latest foundation repair option offered by Douglas Foundation Repair. What’s a “helical” pier? Well, the simplest explanation is that a helical pier is a giant “screwed” segment of steel piers that are driven into the ground hydraulically by turning them through soil. Helical piers are our newest repair solution, but definitely are a specialty pier solution not recommended for all homes and projects.

foundation repair techniques Austin
foundation repair company in Austin, Texas

On the left you can see our helical drilling device beginning to “drill” a helical pier into the ground below a buildings’ beam. On the right, another view of the hole.

foundation repair options Austin

Here’s a top view of the helical being driven into the ground.

foundation repair options Texas

Here’s a view of the building with all helical piers in place. From here, the piers will be topped and final support iron placed above the screwed steel segments beneath the beam of the building. After the piers are topped and completed, holes are backfilled and the project is complete.

The next time someone asks you if you’d like “Good, Better, or Best”, tell them you’ll take the BEST–and call us. 512-291-0709.