Commissioned Sales People. Not here.

September 17, 2014

It’s a fact that more than 30% of homes in the Austin area have some sort of tell tale sign of foundation movement. Cracks in drywall, doors and windows that don’t stay open or don’t work, cracks in floors, separation of crown molding, stair-step cracks on exterior brickwork, expansion joints that get wider and wider at the top.

When Austin residents notice these issues with their home, they do have many choices in companies to examine, measure, and give as much insight and advice as a one hour foundation review can provide.

The difference between Douglas Foundation Repair evaluators and other companies in Austin is simple. Our evaluators are not commissioned sales people. Our evaluators are all salaried employees. There is no more incentive to sell you something you need over something you don’t with us. So when you “hear” ads talking about “honest” evaluations, the first question you should ask those other companies is whether their “evaluator” is really a salesman, hoping to sell you something so they can bank 10-15% for themselves.

You won’t find that with us. Not today, not tomorrow, and certainly not next month.

Call us for an evaluation of your foundation situation today…or call us later!