Foundation Repair: Buying Your Dream Home

April 22, 2013

new home foundation repair in Austin, TX

Whether you’re a seasoned home-owner or a first time home-buyer, the task of looking for the perfect home can be stressful anywhere in the country. But when you add to that our expansive Texas clay soil, that makes the task of buying a home a little unique.

While most seasoned buyers know that purchasing a home with foundation repair problems is normal, this can be a scary thing to hear for the first time home buyer. You just found your dream home, but it needs foundation repair. Both Pier & Beam and Slab-On-Grade foundations can have foundation issues and may need adjustments.

This is very normal for the Austin real estate market. Most homes shift throughout the year depending upon ground moisture and whether or not we’re in a drought or a rainy season. If you feel there could be some issues, it’s always a good idea to have a foundation repair expert come take a look and give you the real story on what’s going on with your potential home. Sometimes the damage is very noticeable and the home will most certainly need extensive repair. When this happens, it’s a good idea to have the foundation assessed and that way you can determine if you need to adjust your offer to allow for repairs.

When you fall in love with the right home, you’ll know. Don’t let the foundation sway you – it’s fixable. Let us guide you – we are always happy to provide you with recommendations and an honest review of your situation. Remember, we treat everyone’s home as if it were our own. We’ll steer you right!

It’s very important to know that foundation repair is essential before you make any remodels to your new home (you don’t want your new cabinets to be crooked, right?). So plan on having foundation repair done before you actually move into your home. Don’t worry – we’re a tidy bunch. We’re well known for cleaning up. Call us today at 512-291-0709 to discuss your needs – or shoot us an email from our contact page!