It’s official: The SmartPier® System is officially trademarked!

November 8, 2013

At Douglas Foundation Repair, we’ve been working to give Central Texas the best foundation repair, honest evaluations, outstanding customer service, and the integrity that you don’t often find in the foundation repair business.

Our new website (which you are viewing right now) is just one of many upgrades we’ve added. Another upgrade to the industry was announced one year ago–The Douglas Foundation Repair SmartPier® System. Today, we are proud to announce that not only is our system the best–it is also officially ours, and ONLY ours! Our foundation repair technique has been registered and is trademarked. This means that not only is Douglas Foundation Repair the ONLY foundation repair contractor able to offer the SmartPier® System, we’re also the only ones who CAN.

If you’re considering foundation repair, remember, our SmartPier® system is simply the best value and gives you the most support in the foundation repair and support business.