Our Steel Piers are Different – Austin Foundation Repair

November 9, 2015

Steel Piers

steel pier system in Austin, TX

All steel piers are not created equal in the world of Foundation Repair. In most cases you’ll find that the steel pier comes up to the foundation and is mounted to the home with a side bracket. The problem with these steel piers is that if the home’s foundation heaves and moves to the side, it can come apart from the bracket leaving the steel pier completely broken and no longer supporting the home. As steel piers are a more costly option that traditional concrete piers, this is a major fear of many homeowners when it comes to their foundation repair project.

At Douglas Foundation Repair, we believe steel piers are a great way to support a slab on grade foundation. However, with our years of foundation repair knowledge, we feel that the foundation should be supported from below, rather than from the side. This way, as the foundation shifts – which it undoubtedly will – the foundation continues to be supported by the steel pier that we’ve installed.

Douglas Foundation Repair uses concrete piles with our Steel Piers

steel pier foundation in Austin, TX

Steel Piers This image illustrates a steel pier installed the Douglas Foundation Repair way. The home’s foundation is completely stable and there is no fear of a bracket dislodging.

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