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Concrete Raising & Leveling (Mudjacking)

Don’t Replace It, RAISE It!

Concrete Raising – also referred to as mudjacking, is the process of lifting concrete slabs that have settled. This is accomplished by drilling holes through the slab and pumping a sand/cement mixture under the slab(s). Concrete Raising/Mudjacking provides a liquid shim under the slab, which allows the slab to be guided to its original level location.

What kinds of surfaces can benefit from Concrete Raising / Mudjacking?

Sinking or sunken concrete driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, stair stoops, factory floors, and roadways can be raised to their original elevation by concrete raising / mudjacking services. Concrete leveling is a legitimate alternative to costly concrete replacement. By choosing concrete leveling over replacement you will save money, labor & dumping fees, and your slab(s) may be used the same or next day. Also, concrete raising/mudjacking does not affect your landscape, and you can save up to 70% of the cost of replacement by using concrete raising/mudjacking services.


Stairs Before Slabjacking

Entry Stairs have fallen over two inches – a big trip hazard!


Stairs After Slabjacking

Stairs have been raised to their original location and are ready to use immediately!

Here’s another great video to show how great Concrete Raising /Mudjacking is for an entryway!

History of Concrete Raising and Mudjacking

Concrete raising, also known as mudjacking, is a way to raise sunken concrete. People have used the concrete raising technique since the 1930’s, but the process is more familiar in the Midwest and on the East Coast, where seasonal temperature extremes cause concrete to buckle and sink. In the central Texas area our situation is a little different. Here, builders are using expansive clay to back fill around new home construction and then pour the patios, sidewalks, and driveways on the freshly groomed base. The problem is that the soil is actually compressive for the first few years and then will often settle several inches over the first 5-7 years. Sometimes runoff directly from the roof or improperly placed downspouts cause flooding, creating voids under the concrete that cause it to settle. These settlements cause the concrete to tilt or sink, creating trip hazards and water to flow towards the house. Concrete leveling techniques remove these hazards, and it’s a less expensive alternative to removing damaged concrete and re-pouring it. Re-pouring concrete creates it’s own problems as it most likely will not match your existing concrete.

How Concrete Raising / Mudjacking Works

Here’s how Concrete Raising works: Holes are drilled through concrete slabs every four feet. A hydraulic pump pushes a concrete mixture through a hose inserted in the hole and under the slab. The concrete mixture slowly raises the slab and fills the voids underneath. The concrete mixture used is comprised of crushed limestone, Portland cement, and bentonite. Once the leveling is finished, we patch the holes we created and your job is complete.

 Concrete Raising / Mudjacking Pricing

The price for concrete raising will vary depending on a number of important factors, including the size and thickness of your slab, how deeply it has settled, and the ease of access to the work site. On average, you can plan on saving at least 50% of the cost of replacement by concrete leveling. We would be happy to provide a free estimate for your project!

Concrete Raising/Mudjacking is also a cost-effective solution for tennis courts and pool decks! Watch the video below that shows how our work improved the Westover Hills Tennis Club!

Pool Decks

S.A pool deck before lift ref. shot

Before concrete raising, this section of pool deck was almost 2″ down. (Golf ball is reference)


San Antonio pool deck golf ball reference shot

The same pool deck, with the same golf ball, after we injected concrete below the slab and raised it back to its original position.

Many pool decks have voids below them, caused by in effective soil compaction at construction or wash out caused by erosion. These issues cause sections of pool decks, especially aggregate pool decks, to sink. As shown below, our Concrete Raising/Mudjacking solution solves the problem!

Concrete Raising / Mudjacking – How long until I can walk or drive on the surface?

Most concrete raising projects take approximately one day or less. Homeowners can walk on the newly leveled concrete within 30 minutes of project completion, though we do not recommend parking on the leveled concrete for 2-4 days to allow the material below the slab to cure.

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